Posted by Jennifer Carter

Do you know what EWG (Environmental working group) is? It is a non-profit organization committed to empowering people to live healthier lifestyles.  There is a tremendous wealth of information on this site.  

3 years ago, I transformed my life (by accident).  I met my naturopath after rolling my eyes for years at “health freaks” that just took being healthy too far.  This doctor, single handedly and surprisingly changed my life.  He taught me about “physiology”.  As he so eloquently states, “if you understand physiology, then you understand how the body works and how to keep the body healthy.”   I had started to learn that western medicine didn’t understand physiology in the same manner and that the best mix of healthcare was a combo approach for my family.  One of the first assignments he gave me was to ensure the makeup and lotions I was using were safe.  I had never heard of this before.  Why would that matter?  Simply because our skin is the largest organ and what I was using on my skin had a direct impact to my health over the long term.  I had no idea.   He gave me the link below.  Today, I use this to test the safety of products before I make a purchase.  I love the ratings systems and the tremendous amount of knowledge on this site.  Please use it – look at what you are buying – it only takes a second to learn about the ingredient safety in our foods and products.  Use this for your children.  Take that extra step.