Posted by Jennifer Carter

During an appointment with my naturopath, she asked me if I do yoga.  I said no.  I’ve never been one that’s into yoga. Fast forward a year.  I developed a chronic illness.  What I came to find out is that I was holding “stress” IN my body.  I was taking all the pressures of life and just storing it in my body.  I know this sounds hard to believe, but trust me – if you are like me, a mother of young children working full time, juggling the daily needs of everyone (but myself), then there’s a good chance your subconsciously holding it in.  So, I did it.  I tried restorative yoga.  The bottom line: I highly recommend it.

I am a workout fanatic – but it is the cardio and strength training stuff I used to do and still periodically do.  The human body always needs a break to heal the body – relax after a workout.  I was not doing this.  Restorative yoga is something that professional football players are practicing now.  Over the next couple of years, I suspect this will become a much bigger deal than it is now. In summary, poses like Child’s Pose, Legs-Up-the-Wall, and Savasana (you will know what this mean once you try this!) must be held for at least a few minutes.  Holding these poses opens up our body and breathing. 

Restorative Yoga Benefits:

  1. Benefit from Full and Deep Stretches (these deep stretches are a workout!!!)
  2. Enhance Flexibility (this releases the tension from your body)
  3. Find out Where You Hold Your Stress
  4. Trim Fat and Lose Weight
  5. Boost Your Immune System
  6. Balance Your Nervous System (renews the body; optimizes energy flow to the organs)
  7. Quiet Your Mind (this is actually quite hard – clears the mind)
  8. Recover from Illness
  9. Heal Emotional Pain
  10. Segue to a Meditation Practice


You will feel vulnerable, emotional or anxious when practicing Restorative yoga—this is all part of the powerful process where you create space and let go. It is so hard to let go!