Posted by Jennifer Carter

If you’re a health conscious consumer, then you’re in the right place.  If your overwhelmed with the many dangers out there, then keep reading.  The environment has evolved significantly in the past century, but lose no hope.  There are ways to deal with the pollutants and toxins that exist in our daily lives.  Our ancestors did it, so why can’t we?

So a little about myself.  The turning point in my life was 8 years ago when my twin daughters were born premature.  I had no other choice than to do the independent research to quickly assess and provide a safe and healthy environment for them.   I quickly became overwhelmed.  Looking back, there were multiple decision points that had to be made.  Amongst others were whether to vaccinate them, what to feed them, if bleached diapers were safe or not (whole other topic) etc etc. Coincidentally, I also came to find out that many of the cleaners we used at home were “toxic” as my babies crawled throughout the flooring in the house.  It soon became clear why cancer rates were skyrocketing - It started to make perfect sense to me.  Environmental toxins played a large role in staying healthy.

Eating organic and GMO free is only one step towards living a healthy life. How do we make this non dramatic? The goal really was to make minor adjustments to the way we live.  By taking that extra step, the hope was that it would reduce the risk factors significantly. For example,  what we wear and what our skin absorbs is of equal importance to eating healthy. Children are much more susceptible to toxic ingestion and poisoning than adults.  Their brains and detoxification systems are not developed.  Their young and premature skin, up until adolescence can absorb environmental toxins quickly.  So what can you do (outside of food)? Well, there are some simple steps. 

-Investigate the products you clean your home with and switch to vinegar and hyrdrogen peroxide to kill bacteria

-Investigate the materials in the clothing lines you buy and try to buy organic when possible (This is crucial for children)

-Wash clothes before wearing, especially if you smell that “new clothes” smell.  The smell of new clothes is not a good thing – Always put new clothes through cycle of laundry to flush out the chemicals that are leached in the cotton.  Remember, almost all cotton is treated with synthetic dyes and toxic chemicals / bleach.  The purpose of these chemicals and dyes are to stain the coloring of clothes, prevent mold from growing, colors from fading and prevent static. 

-Wash your clothes in non toxic detergent, or you are just adding more chemicals back into the clothes.  Personally, I use seventh generation laundry detergent.

Organic clothing reduces the exposure of endocrine disruptors and carcinogens to your child. Make sure you check the organic certification as many products from China are labeled organic but still contain a decent amount of chemicals since the certification standards are different in China.  Ideally, look for a USDA certification.  I find organic clothing difficult to fine, but look for a good source online.  There are a few that exist.  Children spend all night in pajamas,  10-12 hours in chemical ridden pajamas? Invest in a pair of organic pajamas?