Posted by Jennifer Carter

I remember sending my husband to the grocery store to pick up some eggs.   I got a call from him, confused.  The options were a bit confusing.  “What do you want me to get?  Organic or organic and pasture raised, or organic and cage free, or just free range?”  I simply said…..”doesn’t matter, get anything organic.”  Sounds healthy right?  Little did I know about all the crazy loopholes in the egg industry.  Did you know that some states require that all eggs receive a chlorine bath and mineral oil coating before they are nestled into their cartons?

Lets fast forward to today.  Today about every 3 weeks or so, my family enjoys heading out to our local farmers market on Sunday morning.  It gives us something to do as a family and I am hoping to instill the right food philosophies in my children from a young age.  So we visit Helen and pick up 3 dozen eggs. We are regulars and she is a sweet lady.   My daughters have been taught about the importance of supporting our local farmers market. Why? Because for the most part, they are trying to sustainably grow clean produce without the use of fungicides and harsh chemicals.  They are in direct competition with big retailers who maybe don’t care about doing the right thing as much.  Lets get back on point.  My daughters have been taught that the healthiest eggs are those that are “pasture raised” 24 hours a day on an organic farm.  This means they are left to roam around on a pesticide free farm 24-7.  This doesn’t mean they only get to graze on vegetables or grains outdoors a few hours a day or stored in a warehouse and fed organic food.  You see, when raised the way nature intended, both chickens and their eggs are super healthy sources of high-quality protein and fat nutrients.  Eggs contain complete proteins.  This means they provide what your body needs to build, maintain, and repair skin, internal organs and muscles. 

About those crazy egg loopholes here is what I learned.
“Cage free” – This just means they were raised outside of a cage.  They can still be raised in a warehouse with no access to outdoors.
“Organic” – This just means they were fed an organic diet, and most of the time its organic grains! Not the nutrients mother nature intended…..And guess what? They can be in a cage.
“Free range organic” – This just means they aren’t in cages and can roam around, but again the organic diet can be organic grains, not what makes an egg optimally nutritious.

Guys, if you buy eggs from a store as I often have to when I can’t make it to a farmers market, make sure you pick up pasture raised organic eggs.  These are the cleanest eggs. It means they were raised on a real farm on a diet where they can eat the veggies and nibbles they were intended to eat by mother nature.  

Last but not least, several years ago I took a trip to Japan.  I had an egg.  The yolk was orange.  I put it down.  The hotel waiter looked at me and said “these are real eggs, not American eggs.  American eggs yolk’s are yellow.  Real eggs are orange.”  My farmers market eggs are ORANGE!!!