Posted by Jennifer Carter

OK so how many of you have picky children? Or a soy allergy? Or have been to a sushi restaurant and wished your roll had something in it other than a cucumber? Ever want to make your own custom made roll?

I learned of how toxic farmed salmon is for you years ago and didn’t appreciate the fact that most sushi restaurants don’t serve wild salmon in their rolls. That got me to thinking.  I can’t give up my sushi – could I possibly make this at home? And could I make this easy enough to make at home since I don’t have the time or energy to cook some days.   Interestingly enough I just read an article on Tom Brady’s diet.  One of his go to foods is homemade sushi made his way (brown rice, organic veggies).  

First of all, I taught my husband how to roll a sushi roll.  You do NOT need any special tools.  I literally roll it like it’s a burrito, but a super super super tight burrito.  It is key that on the first roll you squeeze all the items in the roll tightly in before you continue the roll.  I then take a knife (specifically a serrated knife, no other knife will work) to cut it into pieces.

OK so lets talk ingredients. Here are my healthy versions:
-Organic seaweed sheet (buy from any health food store)
-Quinoa (cook day before, takes 12 minutes to cook)
-Brown rice (steam in steam cooker, again day before if you can)
-Avacado (easy to slice one)
-Asparagus, cucumber, carrots, sprouts OR any vegetable that you like! Custom made is the name of the game here.
-Sockeye salmon smoked fish (from Costco! Or your local trader joes, comes in a packet). This fish is the highest antioxidant fish and has the least amount of mercury and toxicity of any fish out there.  You do NOT need to buy raw fish!!! This tastes just like that in a roll.  Or skip the fish if you don’t like fish.
-Coconut aminos (soy free soy sauce)

So why do I love homemade sushi? I can make the roll any way I want.  I like mine with brown rice, cucumbers, sockeye salmon, avocado and sprouts!  Dip it in my coconut aminos and I’m in heaven.  You can literally make this any way you want.  I make these with the veggies my daughters will tolerate and have them participate in the activity by rolling their own which gets them psyched about eating it.  The ingredients are full of nutrition.  Between the seaweed, avocado and veggies, they get their healthy fat’s and antioxidants in.

The best part is if you precut your ingredients or prepare the rice or quinoa the day before, this is a super easy dinner to prepare with a bowl of miso soup.