Posted by Jennifer Carter

We all know exercise is important.  But how do we make our children exercise? Well if you have a child that doesn’t like to play outside, ride a bike, or belong to a sports team, try rebounding!  What is rebounding? Jumping up and down on a trampoline!  What child doesn’t like doing that?  Yes, when I first found out about this, I thought it was really silly and lacked any substance. Today, I rebound every morning for 15 minutes a day. It has helped my body in many ways.

How did I find out about this? Through my research on cancer, I discovered the importance of detoxing the body of toxins, followed by effectively draining the body of these harmful toxins.  This critical drainage is the role of your lymphatic system or specifically your lymph nodes. How do we enhance the lymphatic system? How do we make it drain quickly and efficiently?  We discovered jumping up and down on a trampoline creates G-force from gravity.  Essentially, gravity based exercises like this forces each cell in our body to respond to the acceleration and deceleration. The up and down motion is beneficial for the lymphatic system.  For this reason, rebounding is known as a detoxifying and immune enhancing activity. 

Here are some of the benefits:
1) Increases oxygen and circulation to the tissues 
2) Creates fluid exchange, lightening the heart’s workload
3) Reduces levels of blood pressure during exercise
4) Strengthens heart muscle and other muscles
5) Stimulates metabolic activity
6) Promotes growth and tissue repair
7) Improves coordination
8) Provides relief from neck and back pains, headaches and pains
9) Enhances digestion and elimination
10) Stimulates lymph flow for increased immunity and cold/allergy prevention

When my daughters are in a hyper mood and need to get the energy out, I have a trampoline at home and I highly encourage they jump around and enjoy themselves.