Posted by Jennifer Carter

Did you know that most of us have toxic substances and heavy metals in our bodies? If you have ever been vaccinated, received flu shot, enjoyed a variety of seafood, drank unfiltered water,  or had a filling in your mouth, then you’ve been exposed……which essentially is most of us.

Well, there are many ways to protect yourself from these toxic heavy metals during digestion, according to scientists. Strawberries!!! The secret to all this is the natural fibers that have been found in strawberries. They bind, capture and eliminate heavy metals from your digestive track. 

Eat strawberries to block dietary mercury!

Strawberries are the only common fruit with seeds on the outside. These fibers are not easily digested in human digestion. They pass through you largely intact, bind to the metals and extract them out of your body.    

A super easy treat for your kids to eat!!! Add them to yogurt, waffles, or plain with some honey as a dessert.  So easy, simple and nutritious for our children.