Posted by Jennifer Carter

If you are a health conscious nut, then when you shop for your fruits, vegetables and nuts, you probably try to go for the organic route – less fungicides, pesticides and a better quality of nutrition.  If you are like me, generally speaking, I know what my “dirty dozen” fruit and vegetable list is that I absolutely try to buy organic.  You know what kills me? Price.  I don’t understand how people with less income can afford to eat “healthy”.  Sadly, I shouldn’t even be posting this blog, because it should be our given right to expect the quality of our food to meet certain standards, without having to pay a premium for it.  Ridiculous.

The challenging part of knowing what to eat organic or not is the quality of information out there. It is dispersed and you often find sites with different opinions on this.  It is challenging to find one central credible site of information that dummies this down for us, not just on fruits and vegetables but legumes as well.  That is why I think I struck gold with this list.  

Please check out the link below. Print it out and use it.  It shows you how to safely buy non organic items and the list will surprise you, as it did me.  This list is awesome.  First it’s comprehensive.  Second, it splits everything up into 3 categories.    Green (you don’t need organic, safe and few pesticides), Yellow (neutral, prefer organic, not as safe) and red (you really don’t want to be buying this non organic!). I’ve never seen a list laid out like this and for those who are on a tight budget, I think it’s a wonderful resource.  The reality is you should get to know everything on the red list and avoid non organic options!