So you've heard about KoraVera Organics. Let me tell you a little about who we are. First, the word "Kora" means beautiful. "Vera" means truth. If you met us, you would totally get why this name is so representative of us. (The truth part!) As you read more, you'll get the importance of this.

Three women own KoraVera with the support of a very important hubby (software developer). We have known each other for about a decade as we have worked together. We have a corporate finance background and have had very senior jobs at a large S&P 500 company located in the sunny state of California . Liz, Jennifer and Rachel are all in their early 40's. Liz and Jennifer have kids, 1 son and 2 daughters (twins) all under the ages of 10. We are working mothers and women. We work together with our different skill sets daily (may I add some rather long hours) to make this all work!!!

What brought us all together? Well like many entrepreneurs you come across two types - well, let me rephrase, three.  There are entrepreneurs that get lucky, ones that know from a early age that they aspire to be entrepreneurs and specifically set out to accomplish this, and ones that walk away from high paying jobs in an effort to control their own destiny.  We fall into the 3rd category.  We all walked away from high paying corporate finance jobs to start this company. We reset our lives, in a drastic way. This is our destiny and dream and we love it. We love not being slaves to corporate America and love helping people. What prompted it? Corporate greed. Corporate corruption. The desperation of how far corporate America (not all companies, just our personal experience) will go to increase shareholder value. ($$$). We weren't willing to take that journey any longer.

So here we are taking a new journey and path. Our dream is to help children and animals. We want so badly to provide the truth behind so much of what is going on in the manufacturing of clothing, food and some medicines. We aim to help. To open the eyes of the consumer that could innocently be harming themselves by lacking the proper knowledge and information. We believe in doing what makes us happy and providing "good" to society - we aspire to do the right thing. And when we do, good things will follow us. This is our core belief.

We are starting off with an organic clothing line. We want children safe in their pajamas at night. Very specifically this is the longest period of time that children typically spend in their clothes in a restful state. Why not sleep chemical free? Furthermore, we have so much knowledge (and completed work) on dogs and western medicine, we don't want to just stop here. It is not about the money for us but about doing what we were put on this earth to do for our communities. So there you have it.  This is what KoraVera stands for. Doing good with a little beautiful truth!