At KoraVera Organics, we take the word “organic” very seriously. This isn’t a buzz word we throw around. We live this organic lifestyle and we take it seriously.  When we started our business, we had one goal in mind – to provide REAL organic children’s clothing we can stand behind.  With all the hype of pollution and corruption with the organic labeling system and lack of government regulations, we narrowed down the regions of the world we felt comfortable sourcing product from.  To read more about why “China-Free” is so important to us, please click on our blogs. 

So how is KoraVera Organics “real”? 

Our supplier (or essentially us, as we have certified them and take full accountability for being “real”) ensures the traceability and integrity of the product through the entire manufacturing cycle.  From raw non-GMO organic cotton, to dying and knitting, and packaging, our products adhere to the strict standards for environmental and social criteria. They have the Organic 100 certification from Control Union, one of 18 approved certification bodies, to prove it.  This certification means the product contains at least 95% organic material.  BUT we go a step further.  Our research showed some Organic 100 certified products contain 5% polyurethane.  KoraVera sleepwear are 100% organic cotton!  How many products from China can support their organic content?

Look closely at our fabric.  You might notice a tiny black dot here and there.  These aren’t defects, but cotton seeds!  Because our cotton hasn’t been processed with conventional chemicals, bleaches and dyes, occasional seeds in the fabric is not uncommon.  The seeds will wash out naturally after a few washes.

Did you know that “organic” products can have as little as 5% organic material? 

Organic blend certification allows products with minimum 5% organic content to be labeled as “organic blend”.  This means up to 95% of the product can be full of toxic chemicals and dyes!  Read labels and content carefully to make sure you are buying “real” organic products.

Our real organic china free manufacturing process

  1. Organic cotton fibers – cotton is grown organically on soil that has been “cleansed” of pesticides or chemicals for three years before planting first crop. Our products are made with 100% certified organic cotton fibers grown in India, the biggest organic cotton producer in the world.  Our producers ensure only Non-GMO cotton is grown and harvested without use of any synthetic chemicals, pesticides or herbicides. 
  2.  Organic knitting – our product is manufactured in a knitting facility that is certified organic. This means our products do not come in contact with conventional fabrics or heavy metals.  Only natural agents are used during the knitting process.  Ammonia, chlorine bleach, phosphates are prohibited.
  3.  Organic dyeing – the beautiful soft colors you see on our clothing are natural dyes from organic dyeing facilities. These dyes do not contain any GMO, heavy metals, solvents, fire retardants, formaldehyde or other toxic chemicals. 
  4.  Organic printing – our supplier printing facilities are also organic certified. They adhere to the same standards as the dyeing and knitting and only use natural dyes in their process.
  5.  Organic sewing and finishing – last but not least, our products are sewn and finished in an organic certified facility, where only mechanical, thermal or physical finishing methods are allowed. And the final product is separated from conventional products to ensure they are not comingled even during storage and transportation process.  Cardboard used in the package is pre or post-consumer recycled paper.

    Additional Quality Steps

    In addition to the organic certification, our products have undergone testing through KOTITI, nationally authorized textile testing and inspection entity in Korea, and have met or exceeded the standard for each test.  Through various quality, functional and hazardous substance testing, KOTITI ensures the quality of the products supplied to the consumers. Our supplier has provided the results of the tests as verification of their strict adherence to safe and clean children’s wear.

     KoraVera Personal Guarantee

    If you read our about us page, you will learn that we left corporate America to create a company we can be proud of.  The single most important part of doing business for us is to serve our communities in an ethical and responsible manner.  We visit our supplier and actually spend time in the factory.  We request data on a continuous basis and have the appropriate internal controls to monitor and guarantee our strict standards.